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creating a lyric video using kinetic typography

In a Testube is a metal band from Thessaloniki, Greece. This is a kinetic typography video I made using Motion 5. 

A short video about tattoo artist asin Delawi

Zoi Tattoo is a tattoo studio in central Stockholm. It houses many tattoo artists, one of which is Asin Delawi. Find more on zoitattoo.com and specifically about Asin on facebook.com/asintattoo

Shot on Blackmagic Production Camera 4K.

A Short Documentary on the SAGE Storage Project 

After a lot of travelling, a lot of hard work in filming and editing, I finished my first short documentary about SAGE, a European funded project researching new storage techniques for supercomputers. The video was filmed in Germany, UK and Sweden.

Filming Stephen Hawking's Conference in KTH, Stockholm

Meeting Stephen Hawking was unreal. I had the chance to be appointed to film the Hawking Radiation Conference in KTH in August 2015. This experience gave me the memories of a lifetime.

More conference talks from the same conference here.


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