Filming Nordita's "Hawking Radiation" Conference

So, I had been assigned by Nordita to film the Hawking Radiation Conference from Aug 24-29. Stephen Hawking himself was going to be there, along with other successful physicists.

I didn't manage to be a black hole expert during my studies. However, I tried to focus on both the lectures and capturing the event. I lost track pretty quickly.

Apparently, Hawking proposed a new way for information to be stored in the event horizon of a black hole, so it's not lost permanently inside it (Information Paradox). Others disagreed, seeing no problem with lost information.

Whether or not some new black hole theory arises soon, I'm obligated to say that I felt my hair standing on end when I was listening some of the discussions taking place. 

Stephen Hawking and Gerard 't Hooft discussing on the information paradox

-I'm afraid I don't understand my results.
-I don't know if it's important or not.
-Do you have any suggestions?
-Why do you think this happens?
    -I don't know..
    -I don't know..
    -I don't know..

These words came up again and again.

Footage from the conference coming soon.