Why I love Film Editing

Film editing is a lot like preparing a tasty meal. There is a process behind it, from the moment that you buy your raw materials at the store, to the moment that you bring your luscious meal to completion. Same goes for film editing; you take your raw footage and cook your way through to an exuberant film. 

Getting material 

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Buying food is not everyone's favourite pastime—at least not mine. Having to go to the store, get a basket for the items in your recipe, carry it around, check the quality of the products, and constantly thinking if you forgot anything is not the most enjoyable step of your preparation. 

But, you have to do it.

Filming feels like that to me. Just replace "store" with "random location" and "basket" with "camera" (plus a whole lot of equipment) and you're there. 

But, you have to do it. 

Putting it all together

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Got back from the store and drooling over the perfect picture of your finished meal? It’s now time to put everything together. Like cooking, editing ties together your raw materials into one bundle of joy—both the meal and the film are your babies, so care for them as such. Editing is what makes a film, a film.

A scene with cuts, balanced colour, music, or silence in the background. Each frame being a bite of an extraordinary meal, that moves through your mouth, creating an intense feeling of completion... (pun intended). 

Think of the last movie you saw. Are you doing it?

Well, chances are that most of the film's atmosphere was created in post-production (editing); mixing long shots with close-up's; holding a shot on a silent actor's face to show emotion; the contrast and the colour of the image. Almost everything is done in post-production. 

The film now gives you this warm juicy feeling it’s supposed to. See where I’m going with this?

It wouldn't be fair, however, to underestimate the filming process. Once you get bad footage, it's usually really hard (or impossible) to fix it in post. 

Imagine cooking with shit raw materials. It doesn't work, does it?