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Moving Beyond Zero is a Swedish initiative to make new strides within the field of traffic safety and active mobility. 

Motion graphics work with Apple motion 5.

In a Testube is a metal band from Thessaloniki, Greece. This is a kinetic typography video I made using Motion 5. 

Cykel Plus Minus is an innovation competition to increase cycling during winter in Sweden and is carried out by Svensk Cykling and Cykelfrämjandet. 

Motion graphics work done with Apple Motion 5.

So, Vain Velocity returned with an EP, after two perfect albums (no exaggeration). They asked me to simply visualise their first new song. I made this video using Motion 5. 

A short coverage of Cykel Plus Minus Hackathon at KTH in Stockholm. 

People gathered to talk about innovation in the field of winter cycling and its importance.
The video is in Swedish.

A video presentation on BioExcel, a Centre of Excellenceproject, which is researching the use of high-performance computing (HPC) in biomolecular research.

The video was filmed in the Netherlands and Sweden.

Zoi Tattoo is a tattoo studio in central Stockholm. It houses many tattoo artists, one of which is Asin Delawi. Find more on and specifically about Asin on

Shot with the Blackmagic Production Camera and Samyang lenses.
Music: Gramatik | No Way Out

After a lot of travelling, a lot of hard work in filming and editing, I finished my first short documentary about SAGE, a european funded project researching new storage techniques for supercomputers. The video was filmed in Germany, UK and Sweden. I had lots of fun doing it and something is telling me it's not the last time I'm working together with these nice folks. 

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Stephen Hawking is a remarkable human being. Nordita (Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics) gave me the opportunity to film the whole conference on August 2015. 
Unique experience. Watch the full conference here

Ekerö Budo is a judo club based in Ekerö, Stockholm. It was really fun filming this short video. We thank all the people that helped!

The video is in Swedish.

Rusty Anchor (run by tattoo artist Rusty Jim) is a tattoo studio based in Kavala, Greece (London at the time of the video). I took the chance to film a short tattoo session during the holidays. Despite of lack of proper lighting, I had fun making this short video. A more proper video is on its way.

Stay tuned and like Rusty Anchor on Facebook.

On September 7th 2013 people from Nordita (Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics) gathered in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm as part of the physics fair. They explained the purpose of theoretical physics to young and adults. I were there to capture the event.

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On May 2013, I handed a script to some actors, friends of mine, and we agreed to shoot my short film. This was my first attempt to produce and shoot a short film.
After four weeks of shooting and a lot of days in editing, we were finally done. The film, despite the various mistakes and problems in production, has a special place in my mind, always. 

For over 11 days Mac Tang and I were travelling across south Iceland for the purposes of a documentary.

Iceland’s oddity and beauty combined with the violent spring weather was a rear opportunity for us to capture some really interesting images during our stay.