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Cykel Plus Minus - Winter Cycling Campaign 

Cykel Plus Minus is an innovation competition to increase cycling during winter in Sweden and is carried out by Svensk Cykling and Cykelfrämjandet. 
The video is in Swedish.

Motion graphics work done with Apple Motion 5.

Moving Beyond Zero - Cycling Campaign 

Moving Beyond Zero is a Swedish initiative to make new strides within the field of traffic safety and active mobility.

I love the enthusiasm these people have about cycling! Being a cyclist myself made this job even more enjoyable! 

Motion graphics work with Apple motion 5.


A promotional video for the BIOEXCEL Project 

A video presentation for BioExcel, a Centre of Excellence project, which is researching the use of high-performance computing (HPC) in biomolecular research.

The video was filmed in the Netherlands and Sweden.

creating a lyric video using kinetic typography

In a Testube is a metal band from Thessaloniki, Greece. This is a kinetic typography video I made using Motion 5. 

A short video about tattoo artist asin Delawi

Zoi Tattoo is a tattoo studio in central Stockholm. It houses many tattoo artists, one of which is Asin Delawi. Find more on zoitattoo.com and specifically about Asin on facebook.com/asintattoo

Shot on Blackmagic Production Camera 4K.

Filming Stephen Hawking's Conference in KTH, Stockholm

Meeting Stephen Hawking was unreal. I had the chance to be appointed to film the Hawking Radiation Conference in KTH in August 2015. This experience gave me the memories of a lifetime.

More conference talks from the same conference here.


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