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For over 11 days Mac Tang and I were travelling across south Iceland for the purposes of a documentary.

Iceland’s oddity and beauty combined with the violent spring weather was a rear opportunity for us to capture some really interesting images during our stay.

On November 2018, I had the honour of producing and directing the official Christmas promo for Frank & Fred Casino called “Frank and Fred: The Christmas Roadtrip”.

The roadtrip takes place in Sweden while Frank and Fred are looking for the winner of a 1975 Pontiac Trans Am.

The story comes in 2 parts.


Cinematographer: Daniel Oskar Eliovits
Gaffer: Mac Tang

Our latest motion graphics work for archmule.com. Archmule is a collaboration platform inspired by the way we live and work. From personal to business life, you can organise your work, collaborate with others in real-time and get connected with thousands of people in one network.

Cykel plus minus - international winterCycling Campaign 

Cykel Plus Minus is an innovation competition to increase cycling during winter in Sweden and is carried out by Svensk Cykling and Cykelfrämjandet. 


A promotional video for the BIOEXCEL Project 

A video presentation for BioExcel, a Centre of Excellence project, which is researching the use of high-performance computing (HPC) in biomolecular research.

The video was filmed in the Netherlands and Sweden.

creating a lyric video using kinetic typography

In a Testube is a metal band from Thessaloniki, Greece. This is a kinetic typography video I made using Motion 5. 

Filming Stephen Hawking's Conference in KTH, Stockholm

Meeting Stephen Hawking was unreal. I had the chance to be appointed to film the Hawking Radiation Conference in KTH in August 2015. This experience gave me the memories of a lifetime.

More conference talks from the same conference here.


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